Cogongrass Eradication     




Invasive Species Control

SOBS is committed to cooperating with USFS to strategically control invasive exotic plant and animal species on and around the national forest.

[To be added: Internal links to lists and profiles of invasives threatening the Ocala region with search images and control guidelines, a brief discussion re why invasives are a major problem, more on USFS invasives programs and priorities with links to related sites and documents, and links to future strategic vegetation management and exotic control discussions on the Conway Conservation and LES websites.]

We have succeeded in getting a National Fish and Wildlife Federation "Pulling Together Initiative" grant awarded to Marion County for development of a countywide invasive species management strategy. SOBS Vice President Linda Conway Duever is serving as Coordinator for the Marion County Invasive Species Management Council that will develop this interagency public-private program. Efforts are currently focused on cogongrasss eradication in Marion County (see below), but they also plan to establish mechanisms for cooperative proactive management of other problematic invasive exotic species. SOBS intends to work with Lake and Putnam counties to see that invasive species management efforts are similarly coordinated in those parts of the forest.

The following websites are good sources of information on invasive species problems: